Who We Are

TechnoMatix provides end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. Our team has an overriding commitment to deliver quality IT Services and an expertise to create high quality engaging UI/UX. Our approach is client driven and we interact with them to facilitate excellent solutions. TechnoMatix Team members are trained over latest technology, and are an expert when it comes to design and development of innovative solutions.Our strong lasting association with our clients has enabled us to optimize our operations, efficiency and costs. TechnoMatix relishes our client and vendor relationships. Our experienced team brings beneficial products and services. We are also an expert when it comes to facilitating and including cross-industry insights.


Our core value proposition is that we understand the special needs of companies, whether it is a startup or multinational company including the limited budget, ever-changing business requirements, fast turnaround time, need to build quick prototypes, lack of infrastructure and the desire to stay away from heavy upfront investments to curtail business risk. To be an effective partner to startups facing such challenges, TECHNOMATIX has fine-tuned its business processes and capabilities to deliver in a highly agile and iterative software development model with the latest proven technologies and tools. We care for the end users of our clients which ultimately leads to our Client retention.


We offers mobile integrated solutions in Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing The company design, develops, markets and distributes digital content and interactive services for mobile users in partnership with Mobile Network Operators and Media companies around the world. Fully dedicated to designing, developing and managing end-to-end mobile advertising and promotion campaign for brands and agencies. TechnoMatix provide branding solutions to companies on mobile and help them reach their target audience . From Idea to execution our unique way of developing simply above par content is the key which differentiates us from crowd. It’s not only about developing the content, it’s about catering to everybody’s needs.

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